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PASS in NY: Innov Gnawa

Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer image

Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer

Innov Gnawa is a traditional Moroccan gnawa band based in New York City uniting music fans with their innovative, hypnotic and ecstatic take on North Africa’s trance-inducing folk tradition.

The full band is comprised of Maalem (Master) Hassan Ben Jaafer (Fez), Samir Langus (Agadir), Ahmed Jeriouda (Sale), Amino Belyamani (Casablanca), Said Sayed (Sale) and Nawfal Atiq (Rabat).

“You don’t need to speak Arabic to be moved by this music. It’s the music of the poor, the excluded who couldn’t afford to go to the big conservatories to study Andalusian poetry—their suffering is in rhythm.”  – Samir Langus

“Their music is believed to heal people possessed by jinn, or spirits. The rise of this music, which began, in the nineteen-fifties, as a marginalized Sufi practice but has become arguably the most popular music emerging from the region today, is a question that nettles scholars and ordinary North Africans alike: How did Gnawa music become our national music? Of the myriad Sufi orders that use faith healing, and of the countless North African genres known for polyrhythmic syncopation, why has this one grabbed Western listeners?”  – Hashim Aidi

Tune in to PASS at the Performa Hub in New York this week for an intimate Innov Gnawa performance. Live stream begins each day at 3pm (EST!).


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PASS pop-up at Performa 15 Hub in New York

Through next week, we’ll occupy the Performa 15 Hub in New York with the Chimurenga Library. This multi-tiered programming platform takes the form of a library-of-people, bringing together a broad spectrum of collaborators and literal bodies of knowledge in an improvised, pop-up library which also functions as radio studio and market. The Chimurenga Library engages trade as both the process of buying, selling, or exchanging goods or services and the practice of exchanging ideas, imaginaries, perceptions, and vocabularies. Over five days, from …  ( continue reading

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PASS landing at Performa 15 Hub, New York

From 11 to 15 November 2015, the Chimurenga Library hosted PASS with a live broadcasting programme of music, interviews, and events with Chimurenga collaborators in New York, including musicians, journalists, writers, curators, and filmmakers. The live broadcast studio functioned amidst an installation that brought together pop-up stores that experiment with trade, informal economies, aesthetics and body language, music and spoken word, mobility and infrastructure. Working with collaborators such as Brooklyn-based African Record Centre and Yoruba Book Center (established 1971); artist …  ( continue reading

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