PASS in NY: Harmony Holiday

Poet and choreographer Harmony Holiday curates an archive devoted to poetry, poetics and music, woven together through mythscientific gestures.

“Since the 1950s, jazz music and the literary imagination have been inextricably linked, producing transcendent recordings and written work and many hybrids of the two – a new sonics, an AntiqueFuturism – From Langston Hughes and Kenneth Rexroth and Duke Ellington to Joseph Jarman to Michael Harper to Mos Def.”

For PASS at the Performa Hub in New York, Harmony will host sessions journeying into her Astro/Afrosonics Archive. More on this call and manifestos/writings from her in the Chimurenga Chronic.

“To access recordings and writing that unite the philosophy of collective improvisation that galvanizes black music, with the literary tradition – and creates new motifs within both disciplines – one has to practically be a savant, a collector of rare out-of-print records and books, or an archivist in one’s own right.”

Harmony Holiday is the author of Negro League Baseball (Fence Books, 2011),  Go Find your Father/A Famous Blues (Ricochet Editions, 2014) and Hollywood Forever (Fence Books, 2016). She curates the Afrosonics archive of Jazz Poetics and audio culture, and teaches at Otis College in Los Angeles.

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