PASS Pop-up in Paris


From September 17 – 19 2015, the Pan African Space Station (PASS) Pop-up was installed inside the gallery of Fondation Cartier, Paris with live programming that explored the past-present-future of Congolese music cultures. This intervention was a part of the exhibition Beauté Congo – 1926-2015 – Congo Kitoko.

Participating artists in the PASS Pop-UP in Paris included Ray Lema, Elikia M’bokolo, Syllart Records, Afrikaada Magazine, Baloji, Shenguen Shegue, Kongo Astronauts, Christine Eyene. Contributions will also be beamed in from New York, Montreal and Kinshasa by the writers collective Moziki littéraire, from Lubumbashi by Centre d’Art Picha, and from Bogota by Afro-Columbian music pioneers Palenque Records.

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PASS Lagos Daily Runnings: Sunday, 26th June 2016

Pan African Space Station at Freedom Park in Lagos, 23rd -26th of June 2016 The PASS pop-up studio as an intimate, improvisatory live space becomes one for entangling different realities and experiences – with participants and listeners prompted by ideas of utopia and oppression, history and the future, borders, time, art and technology. Recordings from the live sessions culminate in an archive of experiments: speaking, listening, playing, partying and community. From June 23-26, PASS descends on Freedom Park in Lagos, …  ( continue reading

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Bantu Hour with Ade Bantu and guests: Show Dem Camp(SDC), Falana & Bez

Adegoke Odukoya, better known as Adé Bantu (born 13 July 1971 in Wembley, London), is a Nigerian-German musician, producer and activist. He is best known as the founder of the Afro-German musical collective and NGO Brothers Keepers and as the front man of the 12 piece band Bantu. He received the Kora Award (the Pan-African equivalent of the Grammy) for his album “Fuji Satisfaction” in 2005. On Sunday’s show, he features Show Dem Camp, Falana and Bez The Show Dem Camp duo, both born …  ( continue reading

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Lyricism and Lagos: Jumoke Verrisimo with Edoato and Awoko

Lyricism and Lagos with Nigerian poet and writer Jumoke Verissimo. Featuring a live performance with musicians Edoato (Afrogenius Band) and Awoko. Jumoke Verissimo is the author of two poetry collections. The award-winning I am memory (Dada Books, 2008), and well-received The Birth of Illusion (Fullpoint, 2015). Her novel manuscript was longlisted for Kwani prize in 2012. Verissimo has travelled performed her poetry at major world festivals. She currently works as a content strategist, writer and editor in a Public Relations Company. Agbeniyi Edaoto is the leader of …  ( continue reading

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Speed of Thought with Tam Fiofiri and Funsho Ogundipe

THE SPEED OF THOUGHT  is a discussion that examines the mental process that triggers the mind into the realm of spontaneous creativity as well demonstrated during solo improvisations in jazz music and, in stream-of-thought literature as well. Using music, poetry and historical references the panel will explore the Sun Ra Cosmic Equation which philosophises that, “Imagination is a magic carpet/Upon which we may soar to different lands and climes/If we came from nowhere here/Why can’t we go somewhere there?” This …  ( continue reading

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Fuji Music with Akintayo Abodunrin

Featuring a music mix and discussion with Akintayo Abodunrin about Fuji, a popular Nigerian musical genre. Abodunrin is a writer and journalist from Lagos.  ( continue reading

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The Jezebel Spirit with 9ja Feminist

Ayodele Olofintuade (9ja Feminist) is a writer, feminist (intersectional) and human rights advocate. Her first book, Eno’s Story, was the first runner up in the NLNG Prize. She’s written several books for children and teenagers. Her first full length novel for an adult audience, Lakiriboto Chronicles, will be published in 2017 by Farafina Books, Lagos, Nigeria. She has several publications online (both fiction and non-fiction). She presently runs an online blog, 9jafeminista, an intersectional platform providing space for the discussion …  ( continue reading

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AlterNatives: Subculture and Identity

AlterNatives is a space of speculation that brings together artists, thinkers and innovators to think creatively on contemporary life as it unfolds. It is also about inserting the past into the unfolding future, taking what we can learn from its version of science, cultivated wisdoms and abandoned innovations. Through recorded conversation, thought experiments and workshops, this event series hopes to uncover some of our best kept secrets and push the boundaries of thought on the possibilities for a re-imagined Nigerian society. …  ( continue reading

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Osi Otsemobor and Tamerri Festival

Organized by Root n Raw, Tamerri Festival is a two-day event started in 2016 in Maitama, Abuja aimed at appreciating interconnectedness. It features music, poetry, a village market, meditation sessions, art and photo exhibitions, art, music, performance and fashion from around Nigeria.  ( continue reading

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Salam Salam Agidgbo Band

Salam Salam Agidigbo Band, a flexible 4/8 piece band, based in Lagos, and led by 70 – plus Jimi Badmus, are exponents of the highly infectious Agidigbo genre of Yoruba music culture. Agidigbo pre-dates, and has influenced major Yoruba/South-West Nigeria/Beninoise music forms, such as Apala, Sakara, Juju, and Fuji, with the last decade seeing a resurgence of this almost lost art.  ( continue reading

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