African Futures. Technology: Means or Curse of the Future?


“Who owns technology and its embedded codes? When will we use software that’s written in Yoruba? And what’s the story with Ghanaian cyberpunk?”

On the 30th of October, 2015, PASS will be streaming the panel discussion “Technology: Means or Curse of the Future?” that features Raimi Gdadamosi (Nigeria/UK) as the keynote speaker, and Teagan Bristow (South Africa), Jonathan Dotse (Ghana) and Waniru Kahui (Kenya) as panel respondents.

“Technology in its current form (and particularly the representation of technology) is widely produced in the West. At the same time, much of today’s technological innovation, production and repurposing happen in other parts of the world, including Africa. Is this the next technological revolution in the making?”

Listen to this talk on PASS. 30/10/2015. 10h00-13h00

Raimi Gbadamosi (born Manchester, 1965) is an artist, writer and curator. He received his Doctorate in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art. He is a member of the interdisciplinary research group ‘Afroeuropeans’ at the University of Leon, Spain. He is also a member of the ‘Black Body’ research group at Goldsmiths College, London. He is on the editorial board of African Studies, published at Wits University Johannesburg, and a professor of Fine Art at Wits School of Arts, Johannesburg. Gbadamosi is also involved with the platform The Republic which negotiates the meeting of language and social constructions.

Teagan Bristow is an Interactive Media Artist and Lecturer at the Digital Arts Division of the Wits School of the Arts, Johannesburg. and curator of the exhibiton, Post African Futures.

Jonathan Dotse is the author of the blog Afrocyberpunk.

Wanuri Kahiu filmmaker of the award-winning movie Pumzi that imagines a future in Kenya where water resources are scarce.

Listen to this talk on PASS. 30/10/2015. 10h00-13h00



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PASS landing at The Showroom, London

In the first week of October 2015, PASS presented a live broadcasting programme of music, interviews and events with Chimurenga collaborators in London including musicians, journalists, writers, curators and filmmakers. Participants included Chimurenga (Ntone Edjabe, Graeme Arendse and Ben Verghese), The Otolith Collective (Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar), Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable (Mahamed Abdullahi, Nadeem Din-Gabisi, Deborah Findlater, Laurél Hadleigh, Jacob V Joyce, Rabz Lansiquot, Nyasha Mangera-Lakew, Anni Movsisyan, Yusuf Musse, Salina Popova and Imani Robinson) and Pass Me the Microphone (Amanprit Sandhu and Hansi …  ( continue reading

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PASS in London: sorryyoufeeluncomfortable

Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable (SYFU) are a London-based collective of thinkers and makers, using art practice to interrogate dominant discourses and structures. The group came together following discussions and development of the project Baldwin’s Nigger Reloaded; instigated by Agency for Agency (artist Barby Asante and curator Teresa Cisneros) in partnership with Iniva. During the PASS sessions at The Showroom, SYFU members will be opening the live broadcasting each day with a series they call From Africa To Future. For a full lowdown on …  ( continue reading

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PASS in London: Pass Me the Microphone

How many mics do we rip on the daily? Many many many! For the PASS happenings in London, curators Amanprit Sandhu and Hansi Momodu-Gordon have programmed “A Cypher for the 21st Century” which considers third generation communities within the UK and expanded, multiple identities. Over to them to say more: For PASS sessions we will present five unique segments in which we pass the mic to artists and musicians foregrounding Creole identities, collective consciousness and nonlinear story telling. Acknowledging Sound Systems as ritual space and alternative …  ( continue reading

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PASS in London: The Showroom

Host for the Chimurenga Library and PASS pop-up studio in London, The Showroom is a well-established community-focused gallery in north-west London (near Edgware Road). The Showroom commission and produce art and discourse; providing an engaging programme that focuses on collaborative and process-driven approaches to production be that art work, exhibitions, events, discussions, publications, knowledge and relationships. Established in 1983, The Showroom has always played a role in developing discourse around contemporary art practices. This activity was expanded as a result of the …  ( continue reading

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PASS POP-UP & The Chimurenga Library at The Showroom in London

From 7 – 11 October 2015,  The Pan African Space Station teamed up with The Showroom and The Otolith Collective to land our pop-up studio. This was done as part of The Chimurenga Library. Featured contributions include Agency for Agency, The Otolith Collective, Christine Eyene, Shabaka Hutchings, Dego (2000 Black), Kinsi Abdullah (Numbi Arts), Pass Me the Microphone (Amanprit Sandhu and Hansi Momodu-Gordon), sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, John Akomfrah, Teju Adeleye, Phoebe Boswell, Paul Bradshaw, Ekow Eshun, Anthony Josephs, Michael McMillan, Christian Nyampeta, George Shire, …  ( continue reading

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Reeds & Drums by Harmony Holiday

From the Afro/Astrosonics Projects: In the summer 1970, reeds master Rahsaan Roland Kirk founded the Jazz and Peoples Movement in order to promote the visibility of the artform on mainstream television. Jazz musicians wanted to re-assert the dignity of their work to the very powers that threatened that dignity— a privately owned mass media that aggressively censored natural black inventions like collective improvisation. Their tactic: to collectively interrupt live tapings of talk shows, most notably the Merve Griffin Show and …  ( continue reading

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New Pedagogies | Music Education in the Contemporary African Context | An Interactive Presentation

People’s Education (info) is embarking on a music education project that is intended to run over the next 8 to 12 months (September 2015 to September 2016). This project seeks to bring on board musicians, artists, writers, academics, community workers, audience members in an exploration of African music. We cordially invite you to join us for our first open conversation on the project and the upcoming months. Some overarching questions: 1. Can we talk about African music as an exceptional …  ( continue reading

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something(s) about John Coltrane

  Tune in to the stream through today into the night for odes to Trane. Happy birthday.    ( continue reading

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Oshun and the Country Preacher by Harmony Holiday

From the Afro/Astrosonics Projects. And then in November of 1973 a fiendishly anonymous trumpeter who called himself the Country Preacher started making headlines all over the South. Rumours of what was called a ‘Vertigo of the Infinite’ that he conjured with his words and ‘preachments,’ piled one atop the other like bandits trying to breach the borders of your consciousness without id. Like all the good and spreadingest rumours, the more the stories corroborated one another the more impossible they …  ( continue reading

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