Resurrecting Hani

Chris Hani

Revolution for Sale

“The murder of Chris Hani was a dramatic and sensitive matter which angered the working class and poor of South Africa. This passing of a hero had implications and consequences that few in South African academics and media find worthy of vigorous debate. A leader of the masses and a champion of the struggle was eliminated for the benefit of the few. Only some know the truth and process behind the death of this revolutionary figure.”

Itumeleng Makgetla, a political scientist and historian; is part of the Chris Hani – Revolution for Sale team, a three member group based in Greatmore Art Studios Cape Town. Their mission is to unearth the circumstances surrounding the fallen revolutionary’s murder as well as open discussion about whether the South African political landscape would be what it is today if he had lived.

Tumi hosts a conversation with Oxford University Professor Ian McMillan in studio at 11:00am, tune in.


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