The Jezebel Spirit with 9ja Feminist

Ayodele Olofintuade (9ja Feminist) is a writer, feminist (intersectional) and human rights advocate.
Her first book, Eno’s Story, was the first runner up in the NLNG Prize. She’s written several books for children and teenagers. Her first full length novel for an adult audience, Lakiriboto Chronicles, will be published in 2017 by Farafina Books, Lagos, Nigeria. She has several publications online (both fiction and non-fiction).
She presently runs an online blog, 9jafeminista, an intersectional platform providing space for the discussion of subjects previously seen as taboo in Nigeria (Sexuality, feminism and all the other isms inbetween).
Ayodele works as a freelance editor and is currently trying to establish a children’s publishing house.

Join her in conversation with Michael Akanji, Pearl Osibu, Dupe Kuku and Kehinde Awofeso.

Michael Akanji is a sexual rights activist and a researcher. He presently works with TIERs, Nigeria’s foremost non-governmental organization working with sexual minorities in Nigeria.
Pearl Osibu is a blogger, screenwriter and fashion consultant and uses social media platforms to promote equality.
Dupe Kuku works with financially disadvantaged women in Abeokuta. She is also a feminist.
Kehinde Awofeso uses oil on canvas to promote the cause of sexual minorities in Nigeria.


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