Tamerri Festival

Osi Otsemobor and Tamerri Festival

Organized by Root n Raw, Tamerri Festival is a two-day event started in 2016 in Maitama, Abuja aimed at appreciating interconnectedness. It features music, poetry, a village market, meditation sessions, art and photo exhibitions, art, music, performance and fashion from around Nigeria.


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PASS Lagos Daily Runnings: Friday, 24th June 2016

Pan African Space Station at Freedom Park in Lagos, 23rd -26th of June 2016 The PASS pop-up studio as an intimate, improvisatory live space becomes one for entangling different realities and experiences – with participants and listeners prompted by ideas of utopia and oppression, history and the future, borders, time, art and technology. Recordings from the live sessions culminate in an archive of experiments: speaking, listening, playing, partying and community. From June 23-26, PASS descends on Freedom Park in Lagos, …  ( continue reading

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