Sun-days 19th September

Plan Be

photo by gregory franz

10:00 – 12:00 Warongx– a duo made up of Ongx who has the revolutionary ideals and lyrics of Fela Kuti, plays the guitar like Bob Marley and sings like the Howlin’ Wolf and his partner Wara plays the guitar, harmonica and sings.

12:00- 15:00 Fong Kong Bantus– break the lunchbox lock with  Veteran DJ’s Mogale and Boeta Gee opening the session followed by a performance by Jitsvinger and Jethro “Tanneman Gam” Louw. Session closes with guest DJ Rooibos T

15:00-16:30: Tailor– Mel is designing her sound one cross cultural collaboration at a time. Tailor is the latest step in her very interesting musical journey and she invites you to join her along the way.

17:00- 18:00 3D Thought Sessions– engage the listener in debate on ‘the people and government.’

18:00- 19:00 Plan Be- Housing Project– is back with the promise, “to provide a sanctuary for your soul in music.” The project equals the deck styles of DJ Xolisa- Soullife with commentary from BokaniDyer and Sakhile Moleshe.


  1. who are these fong kong bantus?

    - buddha


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