Playing with electricity (vol3): Space is the Place

Not to be confused with the album by the same title released by Impulse, this is the full soundtrack of the blaxploitation movie featuring Sun Ra as interplanetary saviour of black people (by liberating them from The Overseer, as pimp-overlord wh rules their lives on earth).


The soundtrack, a collage of Arkestra tunes funky sound-art, was hastily recorded in 1972 during the shooting of the film – and remains the only illustration Ra’s take on film scoring (besides his never-released sonic jokes on Dysney). Here in full:

1. “It’s After the End of the World”
2. “Under Different Stars”
3. “Discipline 33”
4. “Watusa”
5. “Calling Planet Earth”
6. “I Am the Alter-Destiny”
7. “Satellites Are Spinning”
8. “Cosmic Forces”
9. “Outer Spaceways Incorporated”
10. “We Travel the Spaceways”
11. “The Overseer”
12. “Blackman/Love in Outer Space”
13. “Mysterious Crystal”
14. “I Am the Brother of the Wind”
15. “We’ll Wait for You”
16. “Space Is the Place”


  1. I hadn’t heard of the film, but I am thankful that you are broadcasting this soundtrack. I spent many a night into day with Sun Ra and the Arkestra. It’s good to space out with them again.

    - Sandra Ross
  2. Zapping inferior bugs from under the commercial sheep skin.. into hyper space!! The Arkestra sails on.

    - 808
  3. SUN RA FROM BIRMINGHAM,ALABAMA and beyond…respect.

    - Antjuan Oden @ The Telepathic Opera Studio sf


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