Speed of Thought with Tam Fiofiri and Funsho Ogundipe

THE SPEED OF THOUGHT  is a discussion that examines the
mental process that triggers the mind into the realm of spontaneous
creativity as well demonstrated during solo improvisations in jazz
music and, in stream-of-thought literature as well.

Using music, poetry and historical references the panel will explore
the Sun Ra Cosmic Equation which philosophises that, “Imagination is a
magic carpet/Upon which we may soar to different lands and climes/If
we came from nowhere here/Why can’t we go somewhere there?”
This involves Afro-futurism, Innovation, Intuition and other ideas.

The panel consists of Tam Fiofori, Filmmaker, Writer, Photojournalist, Obanya
Halim Poet, Writer, Publisher, Temi Halim Researcher, Writer.


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