PASS-ed Universes

The pass’t week might have been a sonic blitz for some but our sister Emma Arogundade made a note at each venue and scribed this poem for us all.

PASS-ed Universes

This night, these worlds exposed
raw sequinned screams
not against, but FOR something
more…more…more future

Overseen and under-herd
fragments reveal themselves
the jazzy DJ guru nodding his head
in a curve of appreciation
And closer to me three small boys
who loose to the wildness of rythm
bang their heads and bodies

in the confines of wooden pews
The crouch of photographers
angling and tilting cyclops
face projectile extensions
searching for the perfect shot
Framed by black dressed shoulders
and dark light
a small white thinning haired head
nods and bobs above
the wide lapelled leopardskin coat
dropping beige orbs in reflection
And cigarette smoke masks amused musings
for those who loiter the pavement

A crew of unremarkable looking men
wonders out underneath the pulpit
‘En so se die Here’
it shall be done
that their love and enthusiasm
claims and reclaims
shapes and reshapes
so that we dance and whoop
and yell and stomp
for the existence of beauty

This picture is one only words can paint
or a painter painting luminosity and sound
an instant click could not see the texture
of lush rich soundlight shining
and emerging golden before a
cavernous black with dimly reflected icons
gold shadows in the dark
Of soft gentle loudness, encompassing vastness
and silence between the spaces

You look no bigger than your guitar
too frail to command the way you do
A pointed foot easing one sound
gently into the next
so important that your whole self
has to turn into it
Drums answer loudly
pushed by a quiet humility and hidden face

We came to church to watch the music
and we became it
Our high priestess turned us
into the choir
She stomped the blue night sky
dazzling swirling pulling and pushing
two tails lashing
beyond this world
stretching and soaring into other dimensions
deeply rooted in this
reverberation of soul

Blue and pink striped black sequin jacket
conversations in the corner
the performance of waiting
the joy of noise

The people shall gather
to celebrate ourselves
our creativity of presentation
our appreciation of music
our love of each other
demonstrated in hugs
nods of recognition
blown kisses
and the constant hum of commentary
While behind the stage
on the other side of the fence
the people shall dance
stop and consider
and watch us watching
the empress soar
the DJ roar
the singer chant
and the doodler sing

Other wolds and other worlds and other worlds and more adventures in in/outer space

(c) Emma Arogundade Sep-Oct 2010


  1. nuff said!

    - the buddha
  2. Love dem poets…


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