Javeriana Estereo

Cyber Cadets have enjoyed much of the festival thanks to Anthony who comes into the studio with recordings still hot from the show to share with you in Munich, Bamako, Bahia, Kin la Belle. Today he beams Javeriana Estereo from Columbia at 5pm.

In Cape Town, cadets make their way to Gug S’thebe today for the last leg of the live festival and return to enjoy a 48 hour DJ Story Jam. Anthony dreamt up this insane cocktail, requesting that only Vinyls and CD’s be used. This he says, is not just any jam. It’s a fig, rose, apple, story telling time, time continuum bending, disc spinning, vinyl scratching 16 DJ Jam.

Stay tuned!!


  1. Colombia! Not Columbia :)

    - Atahualpa


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