Almost exhausted; Still in motion…

We continue…


  1. So then it was Wednesday night and i walked into the Albert Hall and began the flow-tation that propels me on the House dance floor.

    After skulking the space, and finding a spot in front of one set of speakers…

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  2. (I do have to acknowledge hear the excellent work of the entire Eastern Acoustics sound and lighting crew…i love these guys.)
    One of my tasks for the Pan African Space Station, aside from keeping the presentation space / broadcast facility in aesthetic order, is to manager the venue managers. One of first things i let them know is that the crew is as important in our eyes as the talent they support.
    It is vitally important to me, as i come from these people.
    My first professional (re:paid) task in theatre at 17years old was to run the lights for the second production of the first season on of the Negro Ensemble Company in New York.
    That was the Richard Wright adaptation of a play by Louis Sapin, Daddy Goodness.
    (Great production; and i got to see Moses Gunn rip off the breakaway dress worn by Denise Nicholas every night. Nice body in that pink bikini type bra and panties.)

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  3. Mbuso T and his aggregation did move me…and when Theo Parrish did his thing.
    Let’s just say when i got home from the joint, and took my blood pressure it was 146/75 which is very good for me, as i take my pill in the mornings…in fact when i woke up some little hours later and took a reading it was 144/83 which is pretty much the norm reading for the automatic cuff i use.
    After the Tuesday Studio Kabako dance experience the reading when i got home was 135/69, with a morning reading of 175/89.

    The only things that control my high blood pressure is Reflexology, dancing and the sacred herb…but since i really can’t deal with the ganja while working these tasks, that is out…and since i am having a bit of a cash flow problem right now, as well as a tight schedule, the reflexology is on hold…

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  4. So there is the dance.

    Shucks…let me make this commitment to myself now and say i’ll dance every evening at the house before retiring for the night…hum-m-m, do ya think the combo of dance, herb and a bath before bed would be the most beneficial?
    All i would have to do is get a woman to do the reflexology thing to my feet after the bath, and i’d be set for…

    Hey, a Brother can fantasize, can’t i?

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  5. Let me stop for now and do some editing of past shows so Miles can have more for the posting of the podcasts.

    See you in Langa…

    audiodramatist ( update )


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