Flirting live @ PASS

the warrior and goddess:


Yes, we’ve had the introductions. Well at least we know the Goddess is one of the participants in this dance to be evolving in these early morning hours. Next we have to find out what his name is…

By-the-by, just in case you didn’t recognize this is Prince doing…Scandalous

he teases

The Warrior did ask a question. And as you hear right now, she is answering.

This is the classic film of lovers. Can you guess what film it is?

how did they get to love so quickly?Are they so jaded, jaded as Amy singing love is a losing game….

womac & womac a little bit of understanding

she wants him to understand that she’s an independent woman – destiny’s child & 10cc

she wants to know – do I move you, nina simone singing it like its meant to be

As you can hear, he is trying to move in fast. Isn’t it always that way? But the Warrior know the ways of the love battle, so he will now maneuver.

she thinks he is moving too fast, all he wants is N2U – big boi featuring Khujo Goodie

The Warrior is learning a valuable lesson about the true nature of women, or at least the nature of the Goddess.

And Labelle doing a Laura Nyro composition helps his process.

she brings a bit of magique system to the mix, take the tempo up a bit, dance the dance

And now you know, through the vocals and music of Isaac Hayes why the Warrior is the way he was. Now the Goddess is changing his other ways to move him toward her way.

so she thinks his telling his tale deserves a reciprocal story of heartbreak. She’s on the dance floor to forget. To have a ‘peace of her heart’ restored – Erma Franklin

The Warrior has made clear his intentions. Bonnie has helped him. Thank you Sister Raitt.

Sister Raitt got him further than Marvin Gaye, she senses he’s moved right into understanding her. She thinks its beautiful, just like Me’Shell

Otis was necessary as tenderness is what the Warrior felt from the lips of the Goddess.

and a little bit of etta james, she’s getting closer, those kisses….. I just wanna make love to you

Could it be the Warrior has found real love with the Goddess?

and they move toward the Greater Love, Elizabeth Troy takes them there, on the dance floor

They, the Goddess and the Warrior, have an understanding now. And with a Curtis composition to speed them along…everything is bound to be alright.

so its all right morning noon and night, but the Warrior is starting to wake something deep up in the Goddess. She wants to hear your Long Snake Moan

Oh, the Warrior now understands what the Goddess means by and altering of states. So now he must go back to Ben Harper to answer Cujo and his Fat Ass Joint.

from the burning to the lighting of fires, through the doors….

Yes, the Warrior is askin straight up, via Ruth Jones aka Dinah Washington, is the Goddess is or is the Goddess ain’t his baby?

she says YES, and has a request, from the mouth of nina simone, she wants some sugar in her bowl…

The Rev. Al Green reminds the two erstwhile almost lovers that not only is it 3 o’clock in the morning but also it is all about Love and Happiness.

and the worship begins, satyam shivam sunderam with the thievery corporation

Yes, the Warrior wants to take the plunge but he just had to ask one more time if he was gonna be Waiting in Vein. Annie asks the Marley question.

nothing that can be said, expressed in a love song, the Goddess says yes, and yes in something bigger and more divine, only in the ‘laugh at the wonder of it all’ from James

Well we’ve almost come…

…To the end.

The Goddess and the Warrior wish you an amen.


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