African Noise Foundation

African Noise Foundation live @ PASS


evil nigger – julius eastman
i hate the white man – roy harper
requiem for john matshikiza – michael blake
hard times – mandla
mbeki’s warm jets – virgins
cosmo energy again – sun ra and his arkestra
dirty dirt – bunny rabbit
dirty slut – sarah jane mary hills (the noem)
days and 100 nights – sharon jones and the dapp kings
politics kills – manu chao
? – 2raumwohning
? – lydia lunch
slow drug – pj harvey
? – down in june
fuck stenchman, fuck burial, fuck you, fuck your mother, fuck your mother’s mother, fuck god, fuck the devil, fuck me too, just once, please, nicely, in the ass with your beautiful pink teenage tongue – african noise foundation
i am an avalanche – righard kapp
black mass for john matshikiza – aryan kaganof
onder in my wisky glas – koos kombuis
steps you fly – U.r.c.h.i.n.
hymn for shitsucking assfucking muthafucking buildingfucking pieces of puke eating shit, we love you all – african noise foundation
? – behrang miri
rollercoaster confusion – baby blonde and the downs
intensity – sun ra and his arkestra
at mario’s – virgins
? – tuxedomoon
lullaby for angels – malombo
skinny love – bon iver
allegretto – aryan kaganof
praise be to the on high
all my love to goya and abraxas and nicola, always


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