Jabu Dance Team

Jabu Dance Team live on PASS radio


(Part 1&2: Bass-heeeeeavy collage by the most irreverent of them all, a few freestyles too, like “you get the goldteeth and the panties they fall off..”)

What up mense. this little number is JABU’S DANCE TEAM. a couple of the tracks straight from the lab. P.H.Fat ( www.myspace.com/phfatband)
PM Mr Sakitumi – live at this years earthdance festival. track 6 from a set that had everyone in sweats… followed by Tipper with Tiny Face….after that “the BIG FIVE” by JABU’S DANCE TEAM’s disco Izrael and local beatmaker NARCH
Bad shit talk time….slush puppy kids with rumours. Up next Blackalicious then some legitimate conversation…actually there will be no more shit talk until P.H.Fat’s ESKOM
Dan the Automator and Kool Keith – a better tomorrow
Tipper – off kilter
jeez tipper bumps so flippen hard…. up next 3CPU feat Spoek Mathambo – Manstrength ( www.myspace.com/3cpu)
Why – afterschool america
Lark – Grey evening – Mr sakitumi remix
Kool Keith – Blackula
Thobela – Boom shaka
P.H.Fat – Saturated
Themselves – good people check
Saul williams – sunday bloody sunday
curse ov dialect – bury me slowly
Spaceghost – blk meat ( www.motherfuckingromance.blogspot.com)
anti pop consortium – ping pong
BassNectar -Blow
N.W.A – express yourself
Phat Joe – Makhendlas


  1. Calling all cars, cllnaig all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

    - Delia


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