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Coltrane Student Studies

PASS easily has the most well-timed period in the sense that it runs from Steve Biko Day to Bheki Mseleku Day. Halfway between these two dates lies John William Coltrane Day, 23 September. This day marks the 84th anniversary of John Coltrane’s birth. It has been over 40 years since he left us, but his influence is still felt as well as being a topic of debate. It is for this reason that we have over the past 2 PASS …  ( continue reading

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Coltrane Student Studies

William Parker says in his book  called “Who owns music”: “Sound has limitless width and depth. It can magnify itself infinitely. Sound can never be fully illuminated. No matter how far the music goes, it is only touching the surface of possibility. The sound stream is always active; it reproduces its energy every second and will do so as long as there is life” [display_podcast]  ( continue reading

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