Coltrane Student Studies

William Parker says in his book  called “Who owns music”:
“Sound has limitless width and depth. It can magnify itself infinitely.
Sound can never be fully illuminated. No matter how far the music goes, it is only touching the surface of possibility. The sound stream is always active; it reproduces its energy every second and will do so as long as there is life”



  1. Peace to all spaceheads out there on this spring equinox of our most recent year.

    This show is in honour of Coltrane’s sound through live music as performed by living artists who can be touted as the living messengers of Trane’s sound today.

    Flëud ( update )
  2. 1. Lefifi Tladi – How great is this madness
    2. Lefifi Tladi – The Path
    3. Ravi Coltrane – Epistrophy (Live in Africa)

    Flëud ( update )
  3. 4. Kesivan Naidoo and the Lights – Dedication (Daddy Trane, Brother Shorter)
    This is the drummer who also happens to be Osun’s tutor

    Flëud ( update )
  4. So the Lefifi Tladi is from a recording which was done in Sweden. That which you just heard was a piece called 365 Station

    Flëud ( update )
  5. David S.Ware – Mikuro’s Blues
    David has always played with William Parker on bass and Matthew Shipp on piano as part of his touring quartet. This is taken from a live recording in Switzerland in 1998, which featuread Susie Ibarra on drums

    Flëud ( update )
  6. That was a double play of William Parker’s compositions
    He’s still alive and enjoys going to the post office to ship his creative output to discerning heads..
    Go dig his sound and text

    Flëud ( update )
    • “Anast in crisis mouthful of fresh cut flowers” taken from an album called In Order To Survive

      - Flëud
  7. Peace and blessings. Till the next time:-}

    Flëud ( update )


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