Wednesday at PASS

This is our last Wednesday this year and we’ve lined Legatos and Andre for the evening, whilst our Cameroon Satellite in Limbe promises a number of surprises. See the line up below:

1-3pm: Andy Williams breaks it down
4pm: Limbe– Gilbert has chosen to keep mum about what he plans after the session he brought out yesterday. can’t wait.
7pm: Legatos: Legatos was born in February 2009 as a four piece acoustic sensation. Their lyrics reflect human emotions and past experiences. Breaking the mould of commercial music’s tendency to the acoustic folk sound they incorporate classical and jazz elements into their music creating a natural groove. The band is: Joe Theron – Guitar and vocals, Phillip Schweizer – Bass and Backup vocals, Lukas Metzmacher – Cello, Chris Borman – Acoustic guitar and backup vocals and Marvin Little – Percussion.

9pm: Andre straightens a skew ‘tude with Dala Flat Music


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