Wednesday 7 October runnings

Comin’ on strong for day one of PASS in London at The Showroom: sorryyoufeeluncomfortable‘s open their From Africa to Future transmissions with Laurel Hadleigh and Deborah Findlater  calling “They go say I don’t be a women!” Also launching their 5-day residency The Otolith Collective, our co-curators for The Chimurenga Library, will entertain George Shire and James Currey (give thanks for the book loans). Dambudzo Marachera is with us!

Upping the rhythm sections, Barby Asante and  Larry Achiampong will delve into their highlife collections then Bryan Gee takes us to Brazil. As bodies arrive on site for the Library’s preview, rumours from Kinshasa are Kongo Astronauts will be landing with us. Then Londoners, Tom “Hello Skinny” Skinner and Marsha “Marshmello” Smith guide us through until 8pm.

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