Thursday 8th October London sum’tings

PASS up and orbiting in London! After day one’s sum’tings we welcome Imani Robinson, Mahamed Abdullahi and guests to occupy the sorryyoufeeluncomfortable seats with a show exploring diasporic people finding home. Tony Nwachukwu will then provide a sonic response. African electronics stay in focus as in The Otolith Collective’s session, Kodwo Eshun invites Christian Nyampeta to join him to tops up his Francis Bebey knowledge. Mr Goodgood, Dego then comes with 2000Black-ness.

For PASS Me the Microphone Phoebe Boswell transports us to the Swahili seas with her stories and later into the evening Kinsi Abdullah shares her Numbi Arts excellence with a Somali-focus.


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