The airlock

Richard comes back to PASS, last year he designed the posters for the festival. Some of them landed at bars, clubs, music shops and well, most landed up on people’s walls. Tonight, this leftie guitarist plays solo- giving us a feel of where he’s been for the greater part of this years’ fest. Enjoy!!



  1. Speaking to him earlier I found out he has a record label, does graph design, plays guitar, lives in Woodstock and his speech is punctuated by small giggles, throaty laughs and searching eye. Richard is busy because he has to be. We talked about ‘focus’- worked out that one needs as much focus as an arrow needs the wind in some enviroments- I paraphrased something a friend of Douglas once said. She spoke of straight lines, how the conditioning is to strive to move from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ in a straight line and deviating from this is discouraged not because of how ‘bad’ it is for you but because of all the things you will discover when you zig zag across the unisphere.

    Richard Kapp ( update )
  2. I can only see Richard from the back but the way he is sitting and the movement of his arms reminds me of a comment somebody made about Phillip Tabane’s playing last week. The way Richard’s hand is furiously pumping up and down whilst the sound mantains a languid flow is a musical deception one has to witness rather than have reported on…

    Richard Kapp ( update )
  3. There are three pedals sitting at the bottom of Richards feet, he alternates tweeking one and pumping another with his feet, as he beats the strings of the guitar with his flat palm- some of what we hear is the result of finger on string but some is a result of pre-programmed- reverbed- re-arrangement that inhabits a space of his own creation- offered to you and I… i’m lovin this guy.

    Richard Kapp ( update )
  4. Richard is working the guitar with a electronic toothbrush- I don’t know about you but I’ve had some censor worthy thoughts about my Oral B, I never thought about playing it against an electric guitar.

    - Pam
  5. lekke skeef

    - mandolinomatic
  6. Oh and folks, this isn’t the American child prodigy/conductor Kapp- that dude passed away in 2006… this is Richard Kapp, a trans-orbital- multi passionate guitar maestro in the know…(corny i know- i couldn’t help myself)

    - Pam
  7. n.b. guys: it’s riGhard. can’t wait for the podcast!

    - cherry bomb


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