Lady May


  1. This songstress is a find of Neo’s from Namibia.

    PASS ( update )
  2. Can you guess the name of this track?

    If you said; Let Me Go, you’d be correct.

    PASS ( update )
  3. Up next with this mini Lady May concert is
    Kambiya Akange (my Pot)

    Nangalapo Nawa (Good Night)
    See You Play
    No No Mikalo Part2
    and finally
    Sthwanda Sami

    PASS ( update )
  4. So Lady may is on and the guys from Legato haven’t left the studio yet- they are jamming to her shit live- This is what this space is about man… imagine if one could hook up this kind of collaboration for real- Lady may doing her shit in Namibia in some studio and Legatos working her stuff from another space- so outer space- transcend the 4/4 man..

    - Pam
    • I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brtoehr out.

      - Jenelle


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