Temitope Kogbe

Temitope Kogbe is a DJ from Lagos with interests in photography, music and African history. Temi also collects vinyl of post-highlife West African music and genres it birthed.

Temi’s interest in music started with his dad’s large collection of LPs from the 70s and 80s. His family later moved to Paris during the boom of the Jazz era where he eventually caught the bug, attending as many concerts as he could and taking drum lessons from jazz drummer, Sangoma Everett.

Temi later moved to the UK and started collecting music as well as DJing. He mentions Gilles Peterson as one of his influences. Temi’s mixes feature different sounds from organic soulful numbers with electro beat-heavy stuff, to broken-beat producers like IG Culture,Dego Kaidi Thatham, Bembe Segue and Afronaught.

Temi will be exploring Bini Highlife, Yoruba Spirituality and Nigerian Electronic Music


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