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African Futures Music Concert & Party: Spoek Mathambo / Batuk/Keziah Jones/Just A Band/Gato Preto


Nigerian musician Keziah Jones, South African Spoek Mathambo, Kenya’s Just A Band and German duo Gato Preto will join for an evening of music and the closing party of African Futures. Each of them will be performing music that relates to the theme of African Futures.

Listen to this concert on PASS. 31/10/2015. 21hoo-late

Keziah Jones, Nigerian singer-songwriter and guitarist, who accompanied Lenny Kravitz on his world tour, will present music from his latest album Captain Rugged, which was accompanied by a graphic novel, about the adventures of an African superhero.

Listen to Rugged:


Just A Band, whose self-produced sound has been described as an eclectic, soulful, funky trip, will bring their D.I.Y. aesthetic that extends to their music videos, which have become internet sensations in their own right .

Listen to Winning in Life:


Creative collective Batuk, founded by electronic music producers Spoek Mathambo and Aero Manyelo along with vocalist Nandi Ndlovu and Mozambican poet Carla Fonseca, will present their vision of Afrofuturism with an original set of music, specially created for African Futures, in collaboration with a traditional music collective from Mozambique.

Listen to Spoek Mathambo- Awufuni


Gato Preto, the German based music duo by Gata Misteriosa (Mozambique, Portugal) and Lee Bass (Ghana/Germany), will perform their Mysterious Black Cat Project and from their new album, to be released in October 2015

Listen to Pirao


Listen to this concert on PASS. 31/10/2015. 21hoo-late



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