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Now that we are back in the ether…


  1. Here is an email i just wrote:

    So you didn’t get to any of the live shows…oh, well.
    If you want to see what i’m doing, you only have one more week of us being live at 44 Long Street,
    which is where the Internet Radio broadcast / performance studio is…
    Live stuff now through next Tuesday evening.

    You know what they say in the Townships; the kids say, when somebody just out and out doesn’t listen to some instruction i’ve given — they tell the one knucklehead; “You should have listened to Brother Anthony.”

    As one of my first students at UCT and an intern for CapeCodes, you certainly know if i tell you something is gonna be good, plus if i’m involved with it…then there must be something to it.

    The three best presentations i witnessed were:
    Studio Kabako, far and away the most profound theatre/dance/music/spoken word/fasion show piece i’ve ever seen in my (what is it now…) over 40 years of going to all sorts of productions all over the world.
    Imperial Tiger Orchestra who had everyone jumpin
    Dr. Philip Tabane and Malombo whose son on the drums had me entranced out at Langa on Saturday

    I’ve become a Johnny Cradle denizen;
    and Thoroughly enjoyed the dance floor when both Mbuso T and the great Theo Parrish commanded.

    Brice Wassy was all over the place, and i much appreciated his involvement. He really floated with the inner spirit of PASS.

    Kyle Shepherd on piano with his Bass player, Shane Cooper, were just simply outstanding.
    St.Georges Cathedral was the perfect venue for the trio.

    Here in the studio there were and, i suspect will still be great, great moments…but, i have to say, as the person here all the time…
    When ‘Bradlox’ gave a poetic recitation on the true history of Cape Town, it stopped everybody. Jaws dropped.

    I’m looking forward to especially Friday night when, the Kenyan Konnection try a pull off authentic Lethal Dance Hall.
    I don’t think these women really know what Lethal Dance Hall is, so Pam (my PASS fraternal twin) is going to run YouTube clips on our projector as the party goes.

    And on Sunday we are going to have a Words & Music session featuring poetry…i will probably start the adult section off with a poem from Henry Dumas and do one of my pieces.
    We are going to start that session at about 4pm with some young folks from Langa doing their poems

    So Meagan, don’t say i didn’t give you the run down.

    And don’t be crying to me about how there’s nothing new in Cape Town and such…
    You are one degree separated from the real realities of our town…i don’t expect someone like the minister of arts and culture to show when something like this happens…Too busy with the J&B’s of the country…
    But, you!
    You ain’t got no excuse(s).

    Be well…give Aden and Gerzell and Linda a hail for me…….anthony

    audiodramatist ( update )
    • A few years ago I’d have to pay soeomne for this information.

      - Caden
  2. Now i gotta go see the Chief Priest to make sure i’m not lying about the rest of the week.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  3. Right now (Saint)Martin and the crew will be doing what they do for the next few.
    I’m going home to listen on my excellent speaker system hooked up to the computer.

    Hum-m-m-m, sounds like a case to alter my state…

    audiodramatist ( update )
  4. Oh, so you know i’ll be starting the concerts you missed in the mornings at around 8am, right after communing with Nina…

    audiodramatist ( update )


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