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  1. So i just had a Democracy Now! moment…
    Was editing some comments i recorded over the weekend as the interview was going on; and what should happen but the first comment i’m editing comes from the keyboard player for Mbuso T’s aggregation…Chilli Funk.
    So i slipped it in between the interview and this recording of the Imperial Tiger Orchestra with featured guest Endres Hassen’s performance at Albert Hall.

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  2. When i was board engineer (making me the music break selector) i would come up with sections of records on the topic being discussed for the previous 20minutes.
    The challenge i set for myself was to in that minute of music to sum up what was being talked about.
    I was very successful…even got to a level of minor notoriety with the listeners.

    One of the most notable moments was when there were two mothers being interview by Amy Goodman(the host).
    One mother was from Palestine; the other from Israel.
    As the conversation went on the subject was touching us all in the studio.

    I had something already ready to go, as i had picked something before hand.
    I knew it would not capture this moment, so i frantically search through my CD’s and found what i was looking for…
    I put in on just in time for the break; there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio…the Camera people, the director, the guests…everyone was welding up.

    I played Rickie Lee Jones’ version of the Leonard Bernstein song from West Side Story: One Heart, One Hand

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  3. Now i got to find the comment from the Ethiopian Brother who spoke on being transported home through this music.

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  4. Now we are hearing their CD, which everyone wants…
    In fact when they performed at Albert Hall, i was fortunate to get a ride home from one of the first people i met when i came to Cape Town in November of 2003.

    It was my first night, and i was staying in Observatory (3 days…then Woodstock), and a Sister at the guest house took me to Ganesh.
    At Ganesh i was introduced to a Sister who invited me to hear her sing jazz standard from the Ella Fitzgerald songbook.

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  5. So i pitched up with the woman who owned the house i moved to in Woodstock.
    The combo was drum, base, and keyboard (i think…don’t really remember)…

    What was unforgettable was the voice, was the channeling of Miss Ella.
    I’ve only experienced that kind of channeling when my theatre partner in New York did a play by Ismael Reed on Louis Armstrong…Man, David WAS Satchmo.

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  6. So anyway, everyone wants the CD and there are non to be had.
    Since this is one of my oldest friends in South Africa and she did give me a lift home through the wilds of Woodstock in the early hours.
    I just got to do this solid.
    So if anyone can get a (legal) copy of Addis Abeba by Imperial Tiger Orchestra…
    Maybe the Swiss council or somebody like that.

    I would really appreciate it, so i could pass it on the my fiend Zolani Mahola.

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  7. By-the-by, if you were at the Friday Slave Church Museum concert with Thandiswa Mazwai (or if you were listening Saturday morning to this space), you heard her give a big-up to Zolani.

    At the Saturday Langa space, when (daGeneral) Sbu introduced Thandiswa, he told us a story of Brenda Fassie on stage giving props to Thandiswa when she was with Bongo Muffin.

    So a tradition continues…
    I love classy women.

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  8. Here is what you are now listening to:

    Soweto by Jodie Bieber

    Acclaimed home-grown photographer, Jodi Bieber, has created an open-ended essay which is a celebration and a portrait of life in Soweto today.

    The importance of Soweto in the collective consciousness is hard to overstate. It registers as a place born of resistance, perhaps even embodying the South African struggle for freedom. But the birth of Kwaito is attributed to Soweto too. And beyond the grand narratives, there is, and always was, a proliferation of dancing, art and fashion in this place defined by its energy and cosmopolitan nature. Labelling and un-labelling, claiming and discarding, Sowetans have created Soweto anew. This is a phenomenon that is celebrated in this photographic publication, which contemplates daily lived realities, where here, as elsewhere, South Africans are continually reinventing themselves and their urban space.

    Jodi is in conversation with Ismail Farouk, an artist and urban geographer. His work explores creative responses to racial, social, political and economic justice. He is currently employed as a researcher at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town.

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  9. This is Brendon, who you’ll hear tonight with a couple of other cats.

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  10. So, imma back from treating myself to a Black and Tan from the Irish pub down the way.
    Listening to one of my favorite DJ’s…Actually, you’re listening to Pierre too.

    - Anonymous
  11. Hey, how did that last thing get posted as Anonymous
    I have many names –
    My mother wanted to name me after the Greek guy Antonitius or the roman guy Antonius; however, luckily for me my Grandmother is reported to have said;”…that boy is gonna have enough problems…Anthony!”

    Interestingly enough in my neighborhood in the South Bronx everybody was given a nick name, but my family always were addressed by our given names; except for my youngest sister who had her nick name from birth…even that name was a three syllable name.

    - audiodramatist
  12. At one point when i got into theatre at 17 years old the stage name Tony Sloan was used and i did use tonysloan as a poetry name.

    I actually don’t like Tony very much…aside from the fact that white people were always trying to call me by that name, and brothers who wanted to be white; it’s really derived from the Italian immigrant experience as they were coming to the States and the Irish were the immigration officials, it was easier to use the name tony as the tags on their clothes were printed TONY; which signaled there final destination: To NY (to New York)

    - audiodramatist
  13. I come from captive stock, not immigration stock.

    - audiodramatist
  14. Besides, i like my name.
    And the anglo root of it’s meaning.

    Why are these posts coming up in the reply portion? Let me log out and get back to what i’m used to.

    In 15 minutes we going with live music here at 44 Long Street.
    The broadcast studios for the Pan African Space Station

    - audiodramatist


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