QAMATA PULA — an ancestral invocation

iPhupho L’ka Biko and Pan African Space Station present QAMATA PULA, an ancestral invocation collapsing past, present and future, over three days at the Chimurenga Factory (157 Victoria Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town).

iMbewu / Seeds – Thursday, 3rd December
The many ancestors and living ones who preceded us planted seeds that allow us to dream different dreams. We pay tribute to the likes of Miriam Makeba, Madala Kunene, Busi Mhlongo, Stimela, Kutu and others who created condtions for us to become and overcome.

iNhlabathi / Soil – Friday, 4th December
Because the past and present are always in conversation, we understand that we come from a lineage that demands from us responsibility. Joined by Cape Town-based artists, we interpret and share Biko’s dream.

uMthimkhulu / Tree – Saturday, 5th December
Here is a tree rooted in Afrikan soil. It belongs to us, and those who come after us. On this sonic journey to our desired and foreseen future, we share with you the divine nectar of the tree’s fruit.

R50 (per day) presale tickets
R80 (per day) at the door

For further information or bookings: 
+27 21 447 1119


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