Hassan Khan reads ‘Twelve Clues’


Cairo-based artist and writer Hassan Khan will present a round table discussion interspersed with selections of music and some excerpts from his sci-fi novella, Twelve Clues, live on PASS at the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) library on Friday 17 February from 3-5pm (EET).

This short English-language novel, which features 12 clues, 12 chapters and 12 artworks, alludes to a colossal corporation, a ground-breaking science project, humanity, a movie, apes, robots and religion, but complicates the logic of these worlds when they collide with the entangled lives of the characters.

Hassan Khan will be joined in conversation by cartoonist Andeel, and cultural entrepreneur Yasmine Allam.

Hassan Khan is an artist, musician and writer. He lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.



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