PASS 2009 gave way for some creative constructions at a poetry slot called ‘Dreaming Wide Awake’ (hosted by Nonkululeko Godana).

This year, the slot moves from Sunday afternoons to Thursday evenings and features the works of some these creative collaborations as well as other poets who have been met along the course of the year.

The first session, called ‘Pass One Pass All’ comes at a time where the education system of the country is experiencing an epic #FAIL (from Bantu education to No education). We’ll be dedicating this one to children, education and other things that represent fertile ground.

Class shall commence this Thursday, 16 September 6-8pm at PASS @ Africa Centre, 44 Long Str. FREE education.

The subject is: Education and Children

Poetry will be presented by Andiswa Dlamini, He Jin Kim, Paula Akugizibwe from Writer’s Stokvel movement, as well as young poets from Langa. Live music will be present (the likes of Kissangwa Mbouta and Brigitte Neumaker. Musical healer, Simphiwe Dana will also be present for a conVERSEation around children, her new music ‘Kulture Noir’, consciousness, education and life.

Be a pART of it by bringing some poetry (your own or borrowed) that speaks to the theme, so we can puff and PASS. Will also be helping raise funds for young girls who refuse to go to school because they can’t afford sanitary products.


  1. This globes gone mad
    Its best we know where we stand
    If we dont…
    We may be found looking for strings to grab

    I doesnt make sense
    All the pretense, the worlds addickted
    Seems we have no defense
    Its all twisted.


    - David Scribbles
  2. PS: A quote i saw today which made me reflect a bit on shit…

    “fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity”

    Thats the meditation of many.
    Half of the story has never been told.
    We may just have to wait for the rest to unfold…


    - DS
  3. Thanks for sharing @DS – powerful words! #reflection

    - Missgods


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