Monday Studio Sessions


photo by: gregory franz

1-3 Drew Williams- after much prospecting, the veteran crate digger emerges with a copy of Billie Holiday Remixed/Re-imagined. He’ll give us a taste of his newest find.

4- Limbe- Gilbert interviews Tijani and J’Stane who say no to racism they say love is stronger than pains.

5-6  Kolade (pictured above with Anthony Sloan)- the Fela fanatic pulls more Naija martial moves.

7:30- 9:30- Cherry Bomb- Rosemary Lombard’s been summoned to play her collection of African Rock. Tune in for 70’s Zambian rock tunes.

9:30-12 DJ Mighty- plays with wax on needle. Tune in.


  1. check the guy with the beard here-

    - capetownnatural (Gregory Franz)


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