Javeriana Esterio on PASS Radio

Javeriana Estereo

This afternoon PASS connects with  afro-colombia between 17h00 and 18h30. Bogota’s own Javeriana Estereo sends us a feed off their live stream,connecting the continent to the South American diaspora.

This special feature explores the sound of modern-day Colombia and how it has been influenced by the music of Africa.
(We trust you can dig the music even if you don’t comprende no spanish). later.


  1. Viva Colombia en PASS (PAZ=Peace) !!!

    - Angela
  2. I went out with a Colombian friend to a latin party in Melbourne….got home, tuned into PASS only to find you guys were kickin’ it latin style too :-)

    - Perguntinha
    • Perguntinha!!! So glad to know PASS makes music travel through the oceans!
      Who is your Colombian friend, that’s so exciting!
      E voce e do Brasil, Perguntinha?

      - Angela
  3. Ya tu sabes!!!!!!

    - Atahualpa
  4. Allillanchu!!!Angela Davis recently visited Colombia, and she couldn’t stop talking about the music! Gracias PASS and Neo! This is an important initiative. Soon Javeriana will be playing PASSCASTS on radio stations around Bogota, and on their live internet feed, giving the capital a taste of space.

    - Atahualpa


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