da Runnin commentary

When i get the chance(s), you”ll get he behind the scenes…


  1. See how things work — not only did Neo haul the trash with me…
    He’s buying breakfast…
    That boy is such a Prince.

    Hey, that doesn’t get you off the hook…the food goes until the late afternoon;
    meaning i’m gonna be tryin to hustle somebody else…give you an indication of how long i’ve been in Cape Town.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  2. Here it is:
    (Note: the free coffee was for the first batch of folk comin through; if you are now reading this, you should know we are past the first batch of folks to get that free coffee – uXolo)

    PASS Breakfast 11am-end of the day
    Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese with Ciabatta. Fruit salad with yoghurt and honey, coffee, juice.

    PASS Lunch starts at 12.30ish
    Pilau – Kenyan rice dish spiced with masala, chicken and potatoes.
    and if you’re vegetarian
    a butternut, chickpea and spinach curry with rice.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  3. So i thanked Neo for the breakfast meal.
    It was good.
    Andy William just came to the Space Station.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  4. I was reading my book while eating the excellent meal.
    coincidentally, i’m reading a Jeffery Deaver, and last year about this time i was reading a Jeffery Deaver – saw a phote with me behind the board with it in the foreground.
    Anyway, i’m reading his The Twelfth Card. Yes, it is all you expect from the Deaver man.
    plus it features a Black American theme and characters.
    Some young black actress is probably going to be quite famous if a film gets made.

    Actually, last night i left it at PASS studios, and when i got home, almost had an anxiety fit.
    Luckily, i was so tired it didn’t kick in.
    (I usually have to read before falling off into slumber land)

    When i woke up, i did my usual push-ups, then prayer…but since i woke up (late for me) at 7, i decided to delay the rest of my wake-up routine and just take a quick wash and walk to the Space Station. (It’s a 2.5 kilometer walk from Woodstock, through District Six and on to the City Bowl.)

    Since, i had left the Deaver, i walk and read a little pocket book by Richard Gehman on Bogart. (It’s one of my emergency books…for just such a situation.)
    I tell you, if you think the celebrities these days are pissers…man, they have nothing over those folks back in the day.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  5. Let me go to the Loo; then come back and chat with the folks who are filtering into the space…
    Hey Tumi (Itumeleng) just came on-board the Space Station… He will be doing something this coming Wednesday morning at 11am on Chris Hani.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  6. All is well in the world.
    Graeme is doin the Fong Kong Bantu Sound System thing…
    and my fraternal twin (she’s better lookin than me), Pam is on board the Space Station.

    Now, i’ll go chat with Sara I and Sara II; and at the same time flirt with Angela (i think she just broke up with her man)…
    Hey, i might even to the Black (American) Man thing with this luscious Colombian sister and get her to buy me an afternoon lunch.

    But first the loo…
    don’t want to talk with stuff in me…since i’m gonna be talkin stuff.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  7. Well that didn’t work.

    Think i’d better just chill. Many old PASS friends are comin through.
    Clare is back from the States…She was in Southern California for a time.
    Probably, see her on the UCT campus as i may, probably go back soon to doing my course…

    audiodramatist ( update )
  8. Was just talking to Graeme about the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Classic…he can’t wait to read it. I told him to prepare himself to be transported to realities never realized before.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  9. Live duo hangin now…Quinton Goliath and Jethro Louw…If you’ve been around the cultural scene of Cape Town for even a brief time, you know these Brothers.
    Right now Quinton is doing a song. Interesting as the Brother reminds me a bit of Michael Franti.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  10. Ah-h-h-h, yeah…this is good duo-ing poetry.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  11. So for some reason my left channel has/is lowering itself…they say Behringer’s do strange things…They probably are the one’s Ghost in The Machine was coined for.

    I don’t really hate…i’m not a hater; however if i were, Behringer would be right at the top…Mutha%u@$a’s

    audiodramatist ( update )
  12. Yeah, i know the group is called Tailor, but to me they are Mel and the Boys…Joe and Sergio.
    To show how small a town Cape Town is…hey, town is in the name…Anyway, as it turn out Sergio was one in one of my Audio Drama workshops.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  13. Their last song.
    Now all sorts of demands are going to be made as we have about 3 live acts comin.
    I need that afternoon meal…
    Got to find someone to hustle that excellen Kenyan meal, as i am gonna be way to busy to try to use charm i don’t have right now.

    I mean i’m not just too busy…i’m (as they say in India) THREE busy.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  14. Warongx…doin what we especially love…that Pumpin Blues

    audiodramatist ( update )
  15. A-h-h-h, a song of conscientiousness and history. What musicians are supposed to be about, especially in this day and age.
    Just what Banford was saying this morning in the Sting move we played.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  16. Well worth everything. These cats are what one would call Magnificent.
    Truly. Thanks fellas.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  17. Well, i’m gonna have to stop here…Neo is making me go home…threatening me with that Neo look – if i don’t get out of here.
    Don’t tell him…but, i’m comin in early, real early tomorrow morning to do some editing of the recording stuff so it sounds good when we put it in the play list and when Stacy picks stuff up for the podcasts.

    I’m gonna do what i did this morning, ya know just do my initial push-up, prayer, and morning wash. Then instead of meditating in bed after my Somatics and Tai Chi routine, i’ll do a walking meditation through District Six, get here do the Somatics, Chi Gong, and Tai Chi Chuan…and start what i have to do.
    He’ll never know the difference by whatever time he gets in.

    Good plan, eh…
    Just depends on ya’ll not spillin the beans.

    audiodramatist ( update )


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