It’s a New Day

Welcome in…


  1. Well here we all are; together again at last…

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  2. …And what better way to start a day than to have Nina in the mix.
    Yeah, i know you thinkin… But, Anthony isn’t it more better to play Nina singing her “In The Morning, ” and i would say, yeah…but i have nothing to do with this as we are still on the stream…
    Think of it as an act of the Universe in all it’s wisdom.

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  3. However, i’m gonna take command in a few…
    before the powers that be call up and tell me i’m the one logged on and…
    Anyway the playlist will be circumvented in a moment or two…

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  4. This is the Michael Apted film “Bring On The Night” about the formation of the Blue Turtle Band…Sting’s band after The Police.

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    I got stuff to do in the studio…write you later.

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  6. Hey, ya’ll…still doing stuff in the studio; waitin for Mimi and the crew to show up for breakfast.
    Hope you’re enjoying…we’re now getting into more of the concert (proper) part of the film.
    Give a good listen; especially a part that is coming very soon, on the song I Burn For You, when Omar does the drum solo…amazing!!!

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  7. Back to cleaning up from last night…Neo just came in. We got to haul trash and all. Hey, somebody’s got to keep the Station presentable.

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  8. Okay, with the help of the very able Neo…we are lookin tidy.

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  9. The breakfast is here, the crew is ready for what i consider the best mornings of the year.
    This is the PASS chill-out Sundays.
    We eat, chat, listen through our in-studio speakers as well as balcony speakers…eat some more…
    Oh yeah, (almost) forgot…since i’m not a coffee drinker — the coffee is FREE!

    Hey, how about that…as i am writing this Sting and the band are performing Set Them Free…

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  10. Did i mention that i’m waitin for someone to come to 44 Long Street and buy me a R25 breakfast meal? Juice is an extra 10 bucks.
    Let me get one of the crew and find out what is one the menu.

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  11. 5 am here. tuning in from nyc. wish I could swing by with a cuppa joe. (i’d bring you some tea.)

    - jeanne (jessi's friend)


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