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  1. Well i got to do some editing stuff on programs aired yesterday.

    But, before i do those things, let me get back to what i was saying about the ability i used to get out of my lower economic circumstance in a ghetto of North America.

    Like i wrote, i was up to page 62 in the last Lewis Nkosi novel released by Umuzi publishers, a division of Random House.
    So Brother Nkosi lays the word peregrinations down on the page, and i’m trying to figure out what the word means in the sentence he’s used.
    The sentence reads:
    In their daily peregrinations the two constables often called on Miwakhe Gumede for a pinch of snuff or draught of beer.

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  2. Now a swift and smart mere mortal would just go to a dictionary or Internet url or whatever; but no, not Anthony (that would be me).

    I’ve got to go on a mind twisting odyssey and come up with a palatable connection to solve the conundrum.
    My mind immediately takes me to the book i just finished reading by Jeffrey Deaver, the Twelfth Card. It was a Lincoln Rymes novel, meaning there appears references to a nest outside of the detective’s window.

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    • Keep on wirntig and chugging away!

      - Sherlyn
  3. The next belongs to a family of hawks, or peregrine falcons to be exact.

    So i’m figuring the word Lewis flung my way has something to do with the vigilante patrolling of a territory.
    Sounds good to me. Even if it’s not correct, i didn’t take time away from the momentum of the reading to search for the meaning.

    Ya see how anthony’s ego operates?
    I love being anthony…it’s mucho of fun when i’m not stressing myself…and only i can stress myself.
    Now you can understand why all i want is access to a library near a beach with hammock hanging possibilities that has a House music dance floor situation once a week nearby.
    Came close when hanging out at Zipolite those years.

    Now back to tasking as Tumi is here and things have got to be set right in the Space.

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  4. So last night when Neo kicked me out the studio, and made me take a cab home; i had the good fortune to have Trevor as a driver. He told me about the amount of baseball and softball activity there is in the Cape Town area.
    I think i might air our conversation; which was interrupted by a Woodstock police patrol.
    (…of course they were in a car; police in South Africa don’t do foot patrol at night especially.)

    Trevor was also telling me about something Gregory, the photographer was tell me about…
    A jazz jam that takes place every Monday night…

    You’ll hear about it tomorrow morning…i might even play a Street Sex worker interview i did a while back.
    Maybe i’ll call the show conversations from the Streets of Woodstock.

    Well see…or hear as it is…

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  5. It was great being with the four women:
    and (my fav–)Lynette (so luscious)

    Yeah, i know you are not supposed to have favorites…
    However, there are exceptions in life.

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  6. What time is it…gotta go, gotta go…
    I love my bed; truth is i have loved all the beds i’ve had in my live.

    Maybe i’ll tell you about me and beds later today…right now i gotta go.

    Be well…….anthony

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    • For the love of God, keep writing these atrciles.

      - Veanna


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