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Are you ready for this day? I don’t believe you; How you gonna prove it to the stratosphere?


  1. In about 5 minutes we are going to play the movie…

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  2. This is gonna be good.

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  3. This is the episode of the Ken Burns film JAZZ. It is the episode called The Adventure; which features John Coltrane.

    Happy Life-day Brother Coltrane…

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  4. Before i do what i have to do to make sure the Performance and Radio section of the Pan African Space Station is ready for this days going-ons, lets complete some stuff i started yesterday morning.

    As you may recall i was sayin how being around and tasking with Ntone and Neo was like when i was doin stuff with Samori Marksman and Elombe Brath in New York.

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  5. And that we insiders called them the Batman and Robin of the movement. It was a friendly, comical rib on that duo.

    Now, i got to thinking last night when Neo gave me the look that sends me home every night. He asked earlier in the day, after reading what i wrote; who was Batman and who was Robin?

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  6. Oh this part of the film on Ellington is my favorite part of the entire series.
    Check it out.

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  7. Back to my thought on Neo and Ntone….

    So i’m thinking since they are of this continent. I mean Ntone is from Cameroon and Neo is from down here.

    Here is the challenge.
    Since, the Samori/Elombe rib involved fictional crime fighters, in the cultural realm…
    What would be the African equivalent?

    So come up with a duo then stop by our PASS studios at 44 Long Street in Cape Town, and tell me what you’ve come up with.
    Come by anytime between now and October 11th.

    I’ll figure out a prize by then…you may even win the opportunity to buy me a drink.
    Lemonade is my drink of choice.

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  8. Okay i got to do some stuff…write at you in a bit.

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  9. Yesterday morning i was tellin you about flushing the bug down the toilet.
    Today let me tell you about why it took me so long to go back to directing in theatre.

    A little background:
    When i was 9 years old i join a youth organization similar to the Boy Scouts.
    It was the New York City Mission Society’s Cadet Corps. They had a unit in the South Bronx call North Church.
    The Cadet Corps was one of the para-military type organization popular in New York in the Late 50’s and 60’s.

    All sorts of activities…weekly meetings where one learned knot tying, map reading, drill, as in parade marching and all…

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  10. Sports, of course…mainly basketball.
    They even helped you with your homework.

    We had summer camp, winter camp, trips around New York. You know, things to keep us ghetto kids away from the turmoil of poverty.

    The one thing about growing up in the South Bronx of my youth is that the Patterson Projects of that time was totally integrated.

    It wasn’t like Harlem, just across the East River, where it was totally a Black enclave, or Staten Island, which was totally white.

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  11. I mean my next door to us was a white family, and a Puerto Rican family next to them.
    The common thread for us all, was that we were all poor.

    And my school (William Lloyd Garrison) P.S. 31 was totally inclusive with the Jewish children from the Grand Concourse in attendance.

    So my perspective on society was not blinded by ignorance and intolerance.

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  12. Then the Drugs were allowed to flood into our world, mainly because the powers-that-be were afraid us young people who abandon the time worn tradition of joing a street gang to be politicised under the influence of the likes of Lorraine Hansberry, and James Baldwin, and the much feared Malcolm X.

    After Malcolm’s death things really exploded.

    And Black Conscienceness from a tradition of Marcus Garvey, Carlos Cooks, Ella Baker… reigned.

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  13. In 1967 i was accepted into the Negro Ensemble Company’s beginning actors class.
    I was invited in on the strength of a letter i wrote at the suggestion of my fraternity brother, Charles Greene.

    I’ll skip to the chase here…

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  14. In the summer of 1969 the Cadet Corps held its regular summer day camp.

    As usual, there was “A” Company – the older boys and girls, “B” Company, “C” Company and the youngest group “D” Company.

    Then each company had platoons.
    Somebody had the idea of putting all the “troubled” boys of “D” company into one group.
    Then they had to have a Platoon commander to lead these youngsters who would be a distraction to any “normal” group.

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  15. Ya want to take a wild guess of who they deemed crazy enough to handle this group of so-called misfits.
    Here was the team
    – Lt. John Laurie …nice guy – totally sane
    – Lt. Sam Pollard … very nice guy – equally totally sane

    And, yes, the totally whacked, uncompromising…wait for it…Wait for it…WAIT:
    Lt. Col. Anthony Sloan

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  16. One thing i need to say here is that Vincent Troutman, who was the company commander one said something to me that summer has always stayed with me.

    He said (using Harlem as a metaphor for all ghetto situations): “You know Anthony, Harlem doesn’t need social workers, we need psychologists…minds need to be changed.”

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  17. That was a truly amazing experience for me. We were the best platoon ever. All the other units were envious.
    I mean we even had the best platoon song.
    I had taken the Nina Simone response song to John Lennon’s Revolution 9; and reworked it.
    Can you imagine a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds singing about there’s gonna be revolution?

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  18. Finally, we get to the Toilet story.

    My girlfriend at the time wrote this play/skit for the children. And i directed it for the end summer presentations program we gave for Funders and all.

    The play was an allegory on the times, and featured a white rat.

    Well…i sort of changed the ending a bit.

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  19. She had the White rat set free at the end; wanted it to live as opposed to the times when everyone was talking about killing Whitey, and Off the Pig, and such…

    I had merely had the white rat flushed down the toilet.

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  20. She went off…got really upset: Saying a changed the ended, because she wanted the rat to live…

    And i go; “…But Deb, rats can live…”

    She wasn’t havin’ it. Pointed out that since i was in theatre, i should know better than to change a writers intention…

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  21. Big fight…it traumatized me from directing theatre from then until my current theatre partner in New York, David D. Wright brought me back about 10 years ago

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  22. Funny thing is; You know how when you have a fight with your woman, the sex is great afterward?
    Well, i don’t remember the sex at all…

    I just remember the trauma foisted on me by a very angry writer.

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  23. funny stories with the rat, batman & robin, but who are we listening right now?

    - Angela
    • it’s on the play list, as part of a mix…don’t know, and i was out when this came in.

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  24. Great band on now. Folks do not really know what they are missing and it is all free.

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  25. the Drum and the Bass is just killin’

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  26. Great energy too, for just three cats.

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  27. These guys really know how to give a show.

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  28. Go ahead and ask me why i know the folks are so good…go ahead and ask…

    Glad you asked why i know they so good.

    I know they real good ’cause Neo is really feelin’ it.

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  29. Makwerhu…is their name…

    Leader / guitar – Mike
    Drums -Texito

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