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Russell Peters

One of my favorite jokes:

About a month ago, I was watching TV with my dad, we were sitting in the living room watching TV. And the gay pride parade was on that weekend. And they were showing the parade right, and all of a sudden these three gay Indian guys came on the screen, I don’t mean came on the screen, they ehh, you know they appeared, right. And these three gay Indian guy were like “Hey! We’re Indian, and we’re gay! We represent the gay south Asian community.” And my dad looks at me and goes, “That is disgusting. Do you know them?” I said how they hell would I know them? “Because they are of the gay and you are in the entertainment business.” Then my dad started to get really irritated with them y’know cause they kept showing them on the screen. They weren’t really bothering me right cause it’s gay pride and they were being proud and gay, right? So my dad started getting really irritated “This is wrong! We should not have gay Indians! Indian man should not be gay!” I was like dad we’ve got a population crisis over there. We could use a couple of homo’s in India right now.

Russell Peters, 2004


  1. And they love KFC in South Africa

    audiodramatist ( update )
  2. He’s gonna end and Dela Flat Music is next

    audiodramatist ( update )


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