We Travel The Space Ways

The Ghost journeys the PASS universe to bring you intergalatic Pan-African sounds from the PASS archive.

APRIL 2014 UPDATE: For Soul Housing Project live go here.


  1. Dear,

    Are you really not going to play any jewel by Lawrence ‘Butch’ Morris?
    His music is not gone….and deserves a (constant) tribute….don’t you think so?

    - Tongadamironga
    • Butch tribute coming up soon. Stay tuned

      - The Ghost
  2. Dear Ghost,

    That’s so good to hear…..we stay tuned.


    - Tongadamironga
  3. What a pleasure to have found you; a radio station that ticks all the boxes, itches all the itches, soothes all the angst, tunes into the psyche, and satisfies the soul. I’m sold, I’m planted in good soil.

    I just heard about PASS through mutual friend Rhoda Issacs. I was visiting Cape Town and the Jazz fest for the first time at the weekend. My 14 year old daughter KIANJA is a singing sensation that I hope PASS will encounter in the future. We recently relocate from London UK to Durban, but for now I am a happy traveling ‘The Space Way’. Thanks to The Ghost. One Love.


    - Poppy Seed
  4. hey from LDN, Is there a playlist anywhere or someway I can see the name of the music played? Loving the tracks


    - Chazmatazz
  5. PASS Radio is excellent. Keep up the good work.

    - Barry Antigua
  6. Enjoying RKQ live via Pass @ home tonight as I work. PASS = a universe.

    - Michibeanie
  7. Woke up this morning in Sydney town (Australia) to a WONDERFULLY WILD Ethiopian mix. Thank you PASS.

    - Aku Kadogo
  8. - http://theminorityglobe.bandcamp.com/
  9. http://theminorityglobe.bandcamp.com/
    List to the powerful messages!

    - Pan African music sound from the The Minority Globe
  10. Will Be There for the Reprise- Re-rise after the Pause. See you in the other Galaxy soon.

    - Sore Maya
  11. Tuned in. Blissfully floating through the planets.

    - Chum


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