The over SA night session

Back to the playlist…and in the morning we will communicate some more.

Remember Wednesday night there is live music…


  1. Yes, there is Marvin…then everyone else.

    The Ghost ( update )
  2. Just it case anyone is wondering…
    You are listening to a set created by one of my favorite PASS DJs, Cherry Bomb. She created this classic “oldies” South African music recordings set when we did PASS on Long Street in 2010.
    And now you are reliving the experience…don’t you just love modern technology; almost as much as you love the fact that PASS is in your soul.

    Later this evening join us for live authentic Cape Town (re: really good music) music from our home in Tagore’s, right below lower main road on Trill Street. We start the gig around 9:30/10:00…Plenty of drink from the bar. Just ask Dean to keep your glass filled. And when you need the solid nourishment, you just go upstairs and ask Ndu to fix up a plate for you. Bring your Rands…your South African money is welcomed here, just as you and your crew are too.

    - audiodramatist
  3. Well Cherry Bomb is not playing only South African classic oldies…as you can hear, she is going deep into the crate to create this magnificant mix just for your ears only

    - audiodramatist
  4. Did i tell ya’ll how much i love Richie Havens…he is the best…still is.
    And of course you are listening to his live recording done at the famous Woodstock concert in 1969

    - audiodramatist
  5. Hey, you just gotta love these lyrics…so true. Especially here at PASS as i’m here all alone. Ntone is out of town and Neo hasn’t gotten to the space yet…so….

    - audiodramatist


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