The Otolith Collective w/ George Shire

“Although we talked about ‘literature teaching politics’ he was not as preoccupied with cultural politics or the new left the way in which I was. He didn’t read Marx, or Gramsci and he didn’t read Cabral or Fanon either. His brushes with the British police and Oxford is what drew him to black politics in Britain but at a distance.” The spirit of Dambudzo Marechera in the Showroom today! And live on PASS. Writer and critic George Shire knew the man well and will be discussing his life and work with the Otolith Group (Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar) from 3pm. Last day in London: turn up or tune in!


Dambudzo Marechera is with us. (And Kodwo’s been up all night re-reading all his books)



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