The loud minority

Ntone, Mighty & Mogale digging the blues (in the Baraka sense) crates.

As Baraka writes it: “The past (black night’s your mother) is also the future (What is nigh is coming-Eve before Am). The Present was here before it was the past and after it was the future.
The world is a tragedy, i.e., it is a carrying, the weight, the changes not time, rhythm, not counting, feeling.
Any and Every-All are related as the one, part of a whole, whole of a part. The hole and what goes in and out, the creatinginginging (as it was in the beginning and ever shall be, world without end, etc.). What is funky is history, what comes goes.
The Blues is the first come from Black-Red, the last, going out to re-come. The cycle the circle. The Red what reading did re-adding reproducing revolution, red, old going out into black and coming black through blue Mood Indigo.”

Amiri Baraka, The “Blues Aesthetic” and the “Black Aesthetic”: aesthetics as the continuing political history of a culture


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