the Gh(ue)st in da Machine


  1. Get ready for a history lesson you won’t get from the system…
    Any system.
    This history comes from the soul of a man.
    Wait for it right after the singer.

    Get prepared to tape it and share it with all.

    - PASS
  2. If you missed it last night here it is… a converation with Faustin Linyekula that was, well, extensive… covering so much ground… the chaos of the congo & africa, the beauthy of this continent… the need for agency thru the art/body… & of course the meaning of ‘More More More Future’ his ‘performance’ piece (with his collektive Studio Kabako) that you will catch tonight at the City Hall Cape Town for the launch event of the live PASS acts.

    - PASS
  3. that was that! hope you enjoyed it! the show is on tonight: studio Kabako: City Hall! Tonight Sept. 28! 7:00pm

    - PASS


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