The Funda Projekt

Pura aka Umyalezo presents the Funda Projekt featuring Texito on drums, Emile on bass, Wakile on guitar, Kuda on mbira, Mava on percussion.

They produce evolutionary voyage-prone soundscapes that bring together jazz, ancient-future beat-trickery, and both the playful and conscious approaches to the spoken word.


  1. Okay, the full band reads like this:
    Texito Langa, Drums
    Wakhile Xhalisa, Bass
    Louw Bubeka, Guitar
    Mava Nrontela, Percussions
    Pura Lavisa, Spoken word, acustic Guitar
    and special guest – Kuda Kangombe, Mbira

    In just working the sound check, i can tell you this is gonna be an exceptional presentation.

    - audiodramatist


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