The Ethan Smith Quartet

The Ethan Smith Quartet‘s end their residency at Tagore’s with another exuberant set of original compositions influenced by jazz and the traditional music of South Africa, the middle and far East.

As always the band feature Ethan Smith on saxophones and flute, Kyle Shepherd on the piano, Claude Cozens on drums and Brydon Bolton on the bass.


  1. Oh yes, they are back…as am i.
    You know what to do.

    - audiodramatist
  2. Oh, i know what’s going on. Kyle is doing the primal instrumentation thing. Great…he’s really good with the mouth bow and all.

    - audiodramatist
  3. Actually the duo is not a bad idea. The, Kyle and Ethan, work well together on the Sax(es)

    - audiodramatist
  4. This break music you are listening to is from a CD by a great local, very local as he lives next door to Tagore’s – Bokani Dyer called Mirrors.
    Next up will be The Best of Sankomota. Which is a 10 piece aggragation…enjoy; til the duo or Quartet or some sort of configuation.

    - audiodramatist
  5. Just to let you know a bit ahead of time…The entire band is here…Yeah!
    So sit tight or as one of the the audience members (Dodo from J’berg) says…get up and goove to this fantastic experience

    - audiodramatist
  6. The End of the residency…I’m almost sure we will see some sort of configuration of these Cats in the near future…so keep on listening in…Be well.

    - audiodramatist


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