The Dan Shout Quartet

Live on PASS:

Dan Shout on sax

Gorm Helfjord on guitar

Romy Brauteseth on double bass

Jonno Sweetman on drums


  1. coming up shortly, the band in soundchek mode … blogger for the night:

    Dan Shout ( update )
  2. and we’re off!!

    Dan Shout ( update )
  3. So, you already know they have started; as Dan said the first tune was new and they call it Cops and Robbers. This number is called Natasha…hope i spelled it right. As you may or may not know, we are (the)Pan African Space Station and we are tethered to Cape Town, South Africa…And if you know anything about South Africa, you will know there are at least 5 ways to spell any name down this way.

    Enjoy the music…it’s all for you.

    - audiodramatist
  4. Dutch will be right with you with all the vital information you crave…meanwhile, let the music wash over you; wherever you are on the planet.

    - audiodramatist
  5. Wow are you hearing the bass and her voice? Let me go out to see what is what. Though the crowd is quite thick tonight, i’ll just use my South Bronx thug charm to get a good spot for the witnessing.

    - audiodramatist
  6. The Dan Shout Quartet fronted by Dan Shout(sax), Gorm Helfjord(guiter), Romy Brauteseth(Bass) and Jonno Sweetman(Drums) kicked off with a composition from their new album named Cops and Robbers. The fierce driving rhythms from Dan and Gorm immediately got the crowed on their feet. He followed with Ant in Africa, a composition from his previous album Greetings and Salutations, which delves into the core of African music. The combonation of rock, jazz fusion and bebop elevates this band above most bands I have heard before in Cape Town. The mood is set and the people are exicited within this intimate enviroment.

    Dan Shout ( update )
  7. anthony – we can hear you live-editing on the stream. pls check the levels

    - ntone
  8. Oh, these folks are just a-cookin. Glad you can be with us to hear all this good, good stuff.

    - audiodramatist
  9. The DSQ started their second set with an original composition named Tea with Alvin. This composition is truely one of my favourites! Imagine the hippest cats in Cape Town coming together to engage in dialogue amogst one another to describe everyday life in South Africa… yet the tea(quila) makes a feature every now and then in these smoky bebop ball rooms.

    Dan Shout ( update )
  10. This is their last number…and since they have a new drummer, i think when we go back to the excellent stream i’ll treat you to some Brice (Wassy)…if you’re good.

    - audiodramatist


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