The Blackie Tempi Quartet featuring Tete Mambisa

The Heavyweights weigh in! Trumpeter Blackie Tempi takes to the stage with a quartet featuring legendary pianist Tete Mambisa.

Blackie Tempi has been shaping South African jazz since the 70s. Known for his stylish blend of rhythmic African music and American traditions, and his brilliant big band presence, he has headed crew such as Tandanani and The Brotherhood and recorded with the likes of Winston Mankunku and Errol Dyer.

Tete Mambisa needs no introduction. A gifted composer, pianist, vocalist, he’s been there, played that since the 50’s. He’s collaborated with jazz legends such as Zim Ngqawana, Herbie Tsoaeli, Feya Faku, and Ezra Ngcukana and recorded with many giants – from Bazil ‘Manenberg’ Coetzee and Barney Rachabane to Dudu Pukwana Johnny Dyani and Winston Mankunku Ngozi.

Tete 1976 album Tete’s Big Sound is a classic in the annals of local jazz and his compositions have been covered by the likes of The Blue Notes, McCoy Mrubata and Adam Glasser. As a teacher he’s nurtured many of today’s best young jazz talents and championed the acoustic jazz tradition. Never one to stand down, he’s just released Black Heroes (2012), his sixth album featuring his inventive piano melodies, rich chordal voicings and a bass line that is pure African! Check it out


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