The beginning of an End

Spouse is in daHouse…



  1. Guess who’s back…

    spouse ( update )
  2. Your Son of the soil is in the Space! Backyard Crew playing track Siyanibonga(We thank you all)
    next – 1-2

    spouse ( update )
  3. where are my crews??? They coming..
    next track(s) – Ekse ayhe
    – Imali yam
    – Khal’tsha stand up
    That’s what I’m about….

    spouse ( update )
  4. Spaza is our own version of Hip-hop in Cape Town. The game of the vernacular style start way back in the early 90’s. Nowadays, everywhere you go around the streets of Cape town there is an element or influence of the expression. Some ssay Hip-hop is dead but here it is growing extensively. evidently to that fact of growth some of the pioneers and newly MC’s have travelled internationally…

    spouse ( update )
  5. The sounds of the backyard crew are typical examples of star-up MC’s..

    spouse ( update )
  6. Next track – Baby girl(new single)…
    – Watch out
    – Atsha pha

    spouse ( update )
  7. Tracks – Amafanankosi
    – Hardcore

    spouse ( update )
  8. Track – Akekho ofane nawe jesu(Trust in you God)
    – Iphupha
    – Mbethekisi edongeni

    spouse ( update )
  9. One of the crews we got in studio is “Main-Target Army”
    Their names are Oral, Ntsimbi-ayigobi, solid Rock, rhyme Machine
    We also got France radio station in the building…

    spouse ( update )
  10. Main target army
    Tracks – Hard Times
    – Voice of streets
    – Qomoloza High
    – Main Army

    spouse ( update )
  11. Trepidition Crew No,2
    Tracks – Move
    – Underdog that
    – jump
    – Beef stew
    – we are the Kings

    spouse ( update )
  12. they are about to go on stage… that’s our first crew “Main target”
    Tracks – V.O.C
    – High it goes
    – War
    – At times

    spouse ( update )
  13. That’s the army they say “Bafikile coz le namba ishubile”
    Qoboloza high as “hello hustling”

    spouse ( update )
  14. I wish you were all in studio!!!!

    spouse ( update )
  15. hope this could continue like “Forever” amen i say. Who said hip-hop is dead…?

    spouse ( update )
  16. Track being performed at this momeent is called “hard times”… Life is ups and downs the chorus of cause.

    spouse ( update )
  17. It sounds like may aah aah but it’s Main Army

    spouse ( update )
  18. Trepidation is on stage..
    they started with a track called “Move” followed by
    “Underdogs that”
    “Beef Stew”
    “We are tthe things”
    it is on an dthe floor is going down up in here…

    spouse ( update )
  19. We are the kings Trepidition representing. Different style to the first crew but very unique because they have mixed Spaza na le Motswako… That’s game in here!

    spouse ( update )
  20. Plantaz Crew on Live
    Track – Bounce
    – Soldiers
    – Sophumelela

    spouse ( update )
  21. They all representing the love of underground. They got room to grow to much further endeavours.

    spouse ( update )
  22. They performing “Mali” meaning money. They expressing the issues of comfort if you have money but they more into how they trying to make means. they also touch base on causes it does to the poor an dactivities they get into.

    spouse ( update )
  23. Raptiles is on stage. One of the most promosing MC’s in Khayelitsha. Only 22 of age and he has performed alongside the country’s most well-known HHP, PRO, RATTEX and DRIEMANSKAP just to name a few.

    spouse ( update )
  24. the name of the songs he performed were as follows;
    “Raptiles”, “Hip-hop game” and “I know I’m getting there”…..

    spouse ( update )
  25. I want to thank all the DJ’s, Producers, MC’s and all you active listeners much appreciated. Hope next times it happens will be bringing the level more higher like wine maturing… dankie my PASS people

    spouse ( update )
  26. Dj Buke is on his way musically to take over from me. Dj Tera on the Spouse information just in case you didn’t know….

    spouse ( update )


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