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  1. So e just talked to the Great Andy Williams.

    Now we are playing a CD one of my five housemates left when he left.
    The folks are called Rae & Christian, the CD is Nocturnal Activity (Sleepwalking Remixed)

    Hey, i figure it’s nocturnal time somewhere where this transmission is happening.

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  2. This is cut on, called:
    Not Just Anybody (featuring Kate Rogers)

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  3. I’m calling this intervention: CD’s my housemate left.

    This cut is:
    Vai Viver A Vida (Tom And Joyce 80’s Funk Remix)
    Remix – Tom & Joyce
    Vocals – Tania Maria

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  4. I’m either getting lazy in my old age; or i’m being youthfully slick as i’v looked them up on the Internet and will be copy/pasting.

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  5. This is cut three, as you can guess its name:

    Ready To Roll (Bushy Remix)
    Remix – Bushy

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  6. number four is:

    Trailing In The Wake (Only Child Re-Tread)
    Remix – Only Child

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  7. Cut five is:

    Flashlight (Rae And Christian Cover)

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  8. Number 6:

    Vai Viver A Vida (Truant’s Little Witch Pass)
    Remix – Truant
    Vocals – Tania Maria

    …is what you are listing to

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  9. Now we are at cut 7 or 12; which is:

    It Ain’t Nothing Like (Nextmen Remix)
    Featuring – Pharcyde, The
    Remix – Nextmen, The

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  10. 8 Let It Go (Groove Armada’s Country House Remix)
    Featuring – Pharcyde, The
    Remix – Groove Armada

    9 Wake Up Everybody (Rae And Christian Remix)
    Featuring – Bobby Womack

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  11. This is track 10:

    Hold Us Down (Faze Action Reggae Remix)
    Featuring – Congos, The
    Remix – Faze Action

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  12. We are going to break for a short gig announcement

    Then we will be back for the music.

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  13. He are the details of what you just heard in the interview; including the name of the Rap:

    On the 22nd we Raps Reloaded/Revival of Da Headz will be reaping the mic at Zular sound bar at 21h00 till late featuring most ultra talentd artists in Cape Town such as Nahum,Ndlulamthi,Sim,Bee,Beatology on the onez and twoz for only R40. Nahum just blessed with the verse in studio now of his track my People.

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  14. As i said you have to find out the last two cuts from the Rae & Christian for yourself.

    You are now listening to the Playing For Change project.

    Check them at: http://www.playingforchange.com

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  15. Gotta go…Cherry Bomb is next

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  16. We have to start correctly…
    Nina: In The Morning

    We will turn to the (Cape Town) morning movie.

    Craig Brewer’s Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci


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  17. Enjoy the movie (audio wise, of course)…
    I gotta do some maintenance here at the Space Station.

    Gotta say sometimes i feel like Richard Pryor in Blue Collar


    Yaphet Kotto in Alien

    Hey, but somebody gotta do the grunt work.
    If you have some concern dear listeners, fear not; i will not end up like either one of those Brothers.

    The Pan African Space Station is quite safe; even rejuvenating. And people do take care of me. Neo, as well as Kolade have feed me; Cherry Bomb even got me a beer last night…though i think i will stay with the lemonade, and water until the live events next week.

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  18. Speaking about next week, i better draw up the schedule for the Venue managers and all.

    So to work i go…once again, enjoy the film. It has a really great blues number, sung by Brother Jackson, in a juke joint.
    Wait for it…it’s worth it.

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  19. This is THE scene

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  20. Hope you enjoyed

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  21. Gotta go back to the playlist; because i got a ride from my house mate this morning.
    In my rush to catch the ride i left my mobile phone…now i gotta get back to Woodstock to pick up the all important Sloan Phone.

    Hey, it’s not really my fault that out of all the people in a crowed room, i’m the third smartest from the last person

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