Ray Lema

Voyage musical avec Ray Lema

Tonight: Ray Lema selecting records and speaking with Bintou Simporé.

day 2 - 5 - Ray Lema


Merci Vladimir Cagnolari for the conversations on Congolese music with Ray Lema​ Thursday evening. Stories of guitarist Papy Noel and more…

ray lema live

Check the Facebook group and Twitter pages for updates also. Read our profile of Ray Lema here.


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PASS in Paris profile: Ray Lema

Ray Lema is a widely-revered composer, pianist and guitarist. His life in music has taken him from Kinshasa-Washington DC-Paris, moving from Gérard Kazembe’s orchestra to playing with Franco, Tabu Ley Rochereau and Joseph Kabassele, as well as leading a variety of his own bands. In recent years, Lema has referenced Herbie Hancock in his album V.N.S.P. (Very Special New Production), and performed a tribute to Aimé Césaire with his Nzimbu project. Ray Lema will join us at the PASS Pop-UP in Paris (Sept 17-19) …  ( continue reading

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