Olu Oguibe


We are pleased to present People Who Think Together, Dance Together #7, a series of conversations with Christian Nyampeta, recorded for radio (and video) rooted not in discipline, professionalism and scholarship but in friendship, love and affiliation.

The series will be broadcast live from 6pm and features:
24 May 2022: Olu Oguibe
25 May 2022: Sasha Bonét and Hannah Black
26 May 2022: Natacha Nsabimana and Emmanuel Olunkwa

The conversations revolve around a new understanding of the diasporic as a global condition, applicable also to those who remain in their native lands, whereby the existing ways of life are converted through forceful spiritual displacement and intense environmental transformations. They echo musical programmes and collaborative DJing of ARAC—Another Roadmap School Africa Cluster, accompanying studies in histories of art education and alternative pedagogical experiments held in Lubumbashi, Johannesburg, and Kigali.

Digital exchanges have now increased due to the global pandemic. But rather than being a novelty, remote transmission has, in fact, always existed for diasporic communities. One letter a month, one audio-cassette or VHS tape a year, one phone call or video call a week, archipelagos of identities have been kept alive over the ages by creating a chorus of sharing from a distance.

The conversations were recorded as part of Sometimes It Was Beautiful, Christian Nyampeta’s exhibition at The Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York, curated by Xiaoyu Weng.

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